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Performance and Optimization

The team are experts when it comes to looking for ways to optimize games, using a range of analysis tools (including Razor CPU/GPU, PIX, VTune, etc), as well as bespoke software, to identify bottlenecks and performance issues at both a low and high level before suggesting and implementing solutions to improve the overall project’s quality.

Porting / Additional Platform Development

With a variety of console experience, we can assist in porting a title to a wide range of platforms. This can be done either alongside core platform development or following release - we have experience working under both scenarios. We will tailor development to suit the given platform - adding improvements where suitable and reducing/optimizing content or code where appropriate.

Hardening and Bug Fixing

Utilising our in-house QA, we can assist in finding, recording and fixing bugs ensuring the stability of the game.

Content Analysis

Our tech artists can investigate and report on level and mesh composition, material and mesh complexity, LOD usage, texture efficiency, etc, to ensure optimal performance of the game.

Middleware Integration

We can help add third-party middleware to the engine and to keep it updated as revisions/improvements appear - often whether or not that middleware has an existing UE4 integration.

Advice and Support

We can offer as little or as much help and advice as is needed and appropriate at a given time with on-going consultancy.

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